The Metacorp, LLC team engages with clients, consumers, industry partners, employees, and community members through our social media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We strive to consistently provide a culture of personal connection and we leverage these channels to connect people to additional information about our company, our people, and our culture. We encourage you to follow us on social media and connect with our team of accounts receivable management industry professionals.

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Metacorp, LLC’s Facebook page is filled with insight into our team and our culture. We share financial and post great cybersecurity reminders to help inform and protect our customers. We hope to provide content that speaks to client interests, industry and community news, and consumer questions.

Our posts often include links to other great sites, like Receivables Information, that recently featured Chief Compliance Officer and Legal Counsel, Rodney Giove. Our customer care representatives are passionate about sharing our commitment to our U.S. military veterans, charitable organizations, and the communities where we live, work, and serve.

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We enjoy meeting new people in our professional network and we have connected with many through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to keep conversations going from industry events, like Receivables Management Association International (RMAI)’s Annual Conference. Thought leaders within our industry often share valuable perspectives on important topics that we find useful to helping us best serve our customers.

Opportunities to join our team are easily found on the jobs tab of the Metacorp LinkedIn profile. We aim to help career-seeking individuals get a sense for our third-party collection agency’s culture through our posts and updates and convey our commitment to compliance and results while demonstrating our compassion for consumers.

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Metacorp, LLC shares more information and links to “see us” through our YouTube Channel. We encourage you to subscribe to our channel to learn more about us or to learn how to make a payment. We provide flexible payment options because we understand that each consumer can have unique circumstances regarding finances.

We also appreciate that we all have unique communication styles and we are proud to offer many options for our customers to reach us. In addition to our website, we strive to make our social media channels comprehensive and informative for our clients and consumers. Metacorp welcomes our employees, future employees, and industry partners to engage in the conversations on these channels and stay connected with us.

About Metacorp, LLC

Metacorp, LLC is a third-party collection agency providing efficient, respectful, and compliant debt collection services. We have over 25 years of combined experience in debt collection services for clients such as banks, auto lenders, credit card companies, healthcare providers, utilities, and telecom companies. The Metacorp team provides reliable and professional asset recovery solutions for accounts at all stages of the credit cycle. We are located in Lockport, NY.