Metacorp offers complete receivable management services, including receivables portfolio acquisition, portfolio management, and third-party debt collection services for many different types of clients. We build unique recovery programs to achieve the performance and management goals of each client. Metacorp delivers high-quality collection specialists and a courteous support staff who deliver optimal results at competitive rates. Our expertise extends across different types of debts in multiple sectors including:




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Portfolio Acquisitions

In addition to servicing internally, we also purchase debt to maximize clients’ receivables portfolios and provide a higher return. We offer a quick and transparent valuation process for the purchase of your non-performing portfolios. By selling your past-due accounts to Metacorp, you receive a fast infusion of cash while reducing your risk. Our acquisition solutions allow you to maintain the focus on your core business while we use our expertise to recover overdue accounts.

Metacorp’s compliant and professional team works with clients in the acquisition and management of non-performing loan portfolios. We aim to develop and maintain long term relationships with our clients through successfully providing unparalleled post-sale service. Metacorp has an unmatched commitment to compliance and data security.

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Contingency Debt Collections

Metacorp provides flexible, unique options for creditors who need assistance with collecting funds from overdue accounts. Our professional contingency debt collection services are an affordable way for creditors to recover on past-due accounts. We adhere to sound business practices in an ethical, transparent, and respectful manner. 

We help businesses of all shapes and sizes recover past due invoices with proven and compliant debt collection techniques. Metacorp is confident in our ability to help you recover the money owed to you. We allow our contingency collections clients the ability to place accounts with no risk. If we cannot collect on the account, we do not charge a fee. We operate in a transparent and honest manner in all of our services. Our contingency rates have no hidden fees or costs.

Pre-collection services

Pre-Collection Services

Metacorp offers efficient and effective Pre-Collection services to help manage clients’ account receivables and ensure that payments are received on-time. This is a form of early intervention service used before the accounts go into full collection, or passed on to a collection agency. At this state we use pre-collection to notify the consumers about the forthcoming debt-collection process and how they can avoid any negative effects on their credit reports.

In consultation with our clients, we can develop personalized pre-collection services to target their specific portfolios. We have an expert team who manages a large volume of accounts and communicates through multiple letters or regular compliant calling campaigns. Consumers are requested to pay the owed amount as soon as possible to avoid negative credit reports with assistance from our incredible support team. By working with them to demonstrate different ways we can help them improve their cash flow, consumers are able to recover their accounts in less time.