Metacorp offers complete receivable management and debt collection services for many different types of clients. We build recovery programs to achieve the performance goals and targets of each client. With Metacorp, you get high-quality collection specialists and courteous support staff, to deliver optimal results at competitive rates. Our expertise extends across different types of debts in multiple sectors including, the following.







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Contingency Debt Collections

We provide professional contingency debt collection services. We adhere to sound business practices to ensure we deal with everyone in an ethical and transparent manner.

We help businesses of all shapes and sizes recover past due invoices with proven debt collection techniques. Contingency collections clients can place accounts with no risk, because if we cannot collect the account, you don’t pay a fee. We are confident in our ability to help you recover the money owed to you.

Metacorp provides commercial collection services

Commercial Collection Services

Successful commercial debt collection requires experienced collectors, supported by savvy litigation support. Not every collection agency can understand the nuances of B2B debts and receivables management. We have a solid team with a great track record of incrementally increasing recovery performance with proven techniques. They are very adept at starting with a softer collection approach and use more aggressive methods when companies and their officers are not cooperating or seem to be disinterested in repaying what they owe.

This is a highly specialized collection service which requires us to understand your business workflow, company procedures, business functions, and organizational roles and responsibilities. If you are feeling the burden of your debtors on your business, our teams will strategize to recover your money in the most efficient way possible. We know how to deal with B2B transactions and therefore, our goal is to help our partners achieve success and realize greater profitability with our multidimensional commercial collection campaigns.

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Pre-legal Collections

We offer professional pre-legal collections to recover outstanding debts before using legal means. Using litigation to collect accounts can be expensive, and we provide an opportunity to amicably recover account balances before engaging in the expenses associated with filing and processing lawsuits.

To connect with consumers at this stage in the delinquency cycle we use mass communications

  • Sending out mass volume of notification letters before legal action, trying to initiate communication for outstanding payments.
  • Reaching out through phone calls where our expert team with sophisticated telephone skills use friendly, yet firm, tactics to demand payments.
Pre-collection services

Pre-collection Services

Metacorp offers very effective Pre-Collection services to help manage your account receivables and ensure that payments are received on-time. This is a form of early intervention service used before the accounts go into full collection, or passed on to a collection agency. Pre-collection notifies the consumers or debtors about the forthcoming formal debt-collection process and how they can avoid the negative effects of this to their credit reports.

In consultation with our clients, we can develop personalized pre-collection services to target their account receivables. We can deal with a large volume of accounts and send them multiple letters or initiate regular calling campaigns, requesting them to pay the owed amount as soon as possible to avoid negative credit reports. We strategize with each client and show them the different ways we can help them improve their cash flow and recover the dues in less time.

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Comprehensive Skip Tracing

Do you need someone to help you locate debtors who have gone missing? Entrust Metacorp to trace your delinquent customers and help you recover past due funds. We thoroughly research each consumer and use a mix of data science and ingenuity to find and verify location information and employment verification. s. Additionally, we delve deep into all other information resources available like public databases, utility bills, credit reports, background checks, etc. Depending on the type or amount of delinquent debts and authorizations by client, we have digital capabilities to trace people by searching electronic and online data. Our investigators have years of experience and can tackle private investigator work with shrewdness.

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Bankruptcy And Dismissal Services

Metacorp has experience working with bankruptcy and dismissal services. After an account holder bankruptcy petition is dismissed, creditors can start actively pursuing their money and hire professional companies, like Metacorp. Once dismissed, bankruptcy protection is over and we can resume debt recovery.

We help our clients by arranging negotiation meetings with delinquent customers and help in court-related communications, including monitoring and dissecting court communications on bankruptcy and dismissal.