Metacorp, LLC, a professional receivables management firm that offers a variety of reliable and compliant accounts receivable solutions for creditors, proudly delivers exceptional customer service for consumers that helps them achieve debt resolution goals. We understand that the receivables industry and resolving accounts can be challenging, which is why Metacorp provides detailed videos on our official YouTube channel

How To Make A Payment

Metacorp’s latest video introduced to the channel details all the unique ways consumers can resolve their accounts. Making a payment with Metacorp is simple, easy, and transparent. We offer flexible payment options to help consumers resolve outstanding account balances and get back on the path toward financial success. Consumers can pay by phone or by mail and can reach our agents during our business hours. 

Why Choose Metacorp?

Metacorp is not just an acquisitions organization. Metacorp offers complete receivable management services, including receivables portfolio acquisition, portfolio management, and third-party debt collection services for many types of clients. We created a “Why Choose Metacorp?” video to help potential clients understand what sets our organization apart from the competition. 

Who Is Metacorp?

In a land of misinformation, the team at Metacorp wanted both our consumers and clients to know exactly who we were and what we stood for in the receivables industry. Our “Who Is Metacorp?” video was the first released on our channel and serves as our guiding light for those introduced to the company. 

Learn More Online

To learn more about Metacorp and what we stand for, visit our website or call a member of our team at (855) 340-1856. We’d be happy to answer any questions our detailed YouTube videos do not cover or explore ways we can help you resolve your account. 

About Metacorp, LLC

Metacorp, LLC is a provider of receivable management services that include receivables portfolio acquisition, portfolio management, and third-party debt collection services for many different types of creditors. We have over 25 years of combined experience in debt collection services for clients such as banks, auto lenders, credit card companies, healthcare providers, utilities, and telecom companies. The Metacorp team provides reliable and professional asset-recovery solutions for accounts at all stages of the credit cycle. We are located in Lockport, NY.