Social media can help accounts receivable management (ARM) industry organizations demonstrate thought leadership, generate new leads, engage with the community, and much more. Metacorp, LLC, an experienced provider of receivables management services and collections solutions, leverages the nearly 72% of U.S. adults that use social media to enhance our networking opportunities and showcase how our mission drives our team to be one of the top collections organizations in the ARM industry. 

Here are seven reasons social media is vital for networking within the industry:

1.Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

Social media engagement isn’t solely focused on Twitter and Facebook, as it has been in the past. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with 810 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, has become one of the most influential social media sites for professional networking, including within the ARM industry.

Metacorp’s official LinkedIn profile helps our team connect with industry colleagues, leaders, and advocates while sharing our expertise and experience as an organization that provides receivables solutions that include receivables portfolio acquisition, portfolio management, and third-party debt collection services for many types of creditors. As a thought leader in the ARM industry, our network of ARM professionals and organizations relies on Metacorp to be one of the premier “go-to” sources of information and services. 

2. Generate New Leads

As members of the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) and ACA International, Metacorp relies on our industry memberships to connect us with new professionals and collection agencies looking for partners and clients. After attending an ARM industry event, social media and LinkedIn create the perfect opportunity for our executive team to reach out to those we met, our current clients, and other industry stakeholders to pursue new leads. 

On social media, our team can share with potential clients the benefits of working with Metacorp and highlight how our ARM industry memberships help us with our commitment to compliance with the rigorous industry standards and best practices set forth by industry associations. Networking helps Metacorp build long-term relationships as we deliver optimal results for our clients. 

3. Online Engagement

Learning is at the core of what Metacorp does, and social media provides a remarkable platform for evaluating the effectiveness of an organization’s services. Networking with ARM professionals has given Metacorp a unique advantage as we evolve our services toward what our clients need. Our executive team prioritizes the continued development of our internal processes and procedures, maximizing the value of our services for our clients. 

As a third-party collection service, Metacorp also uses social media to inform consumers and provide helpful links, information, and sponsored articles that can better help them as they work toward account resolution. Metacorp’s official Facebook page provides consumers with an active channel to discover our latest contact info, community news, and financial literacy information

4. Reputation Management

The ARM industry’s reputation is continuously tested by various lawsuits and regulatory changes. Using social media is an avenue to share your story and build a reputation management system that allows networking with the most ethical, honest, and transparent organizations to do the hard work for you. Metacorp uses social media to share our most recent community involvement or sponsored article not only to provide updates on how we are impacting our communities but also to shed some light on the good work Metacorp and our industry colleagues do every day. 

Metacorp’s ownership and executive team is composed mostly of U.S. military veterans, and that means gaining trust, building long-term relationships, and generating a collaborative and supportive culture that has been at the forefront of what we stand for since our founding. Using social media to promote your mission and your core values is a win for you, your clients, and your consumers. 

5. Brand Awareness

You cannot network on social media without brand awareness. While one may influence the other, using social media to network in and out of the ARM industry is a must to become a recognizable leader, brand, and face within ARM’s close network of professionals. LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent platforms for increasing brand awareness, and attending events put on by the top industry associations helps spread the word of your organization’s services. Metacorp also utilizes YouTube for added value. 

With an active YouTube channel, we can provide quick, easy-to-digest videos about who we are, why our clients choose Metacorp, and how consumers can quickly make a payment. These videos, along with many others our team has planned, highlight the value social media has when marketing your brand throughout the ARM industry. 

6. Monitor Industry Changes

News takes place in real-time. Monitoring every outlet for the latest industry news, developments, or regulatory changes would take valuable time away from helping our clients. Metacorp uses our social media network to monitor changes as they happen. Our memberships with RMAI and ACA have given us an open doorway into the different committees that monitor and influence ARM industry changes. Our clients share helpful regulatory information, industry updates, and various other need-to-know snippets of information daily that help Metacorp evolve. 

7. Showcase Your Culture and Become a Choice Destination

Career building on social media is a must. As Metacorp networks with and becomes more accustomed to our industry colleagues, we share the unique aspects of Metacorp that make us a choice destination for those looking to begin, expand, or enhance their careers in the ARM industry. Whether it’s promoting our proud support of the U.S. military and our community, or sharing the latest certification the company has achieved, Metacorp uses social media to showcase our culture and encourage any exceptional individuals to consider a career with our team. 

Metacorp has built a highly-trained team with over 25 years of combined executive experience in collection services, working with unmatched integrity in all aspects of our operation through social media networking. As we strive to become the top name in the ARM industry, we’ve leveraged these seven methods of utilizing social media to help our clients, better consumers, and share our voice with the industry. 

About Metacorp, LLC

Metacorp, LLC is a provider of receivable management services that include receivables portfolio acquisition, portfolio management, and third-party debt collection services for many different types of creditors. We have over 25 years of combined experience in debt collection services for clients such as banks, auto lenders, credit card companies, healthcare providers, utilities, and telecom companies. The Metacorp team provides reliable and professional asset-recovery solutions for accounts at all stages of the credit cycle. We are located in Lockport, NY.