Metacorp, LLC’s success is built on our professional and respectful approach to the debt collection process. The debt collection services we provide are built upon five key strategies for client success. Our five key strategies include Professional Debt Collection Services, Strong Client Support Team, Effective Skip Tracing, High Compliance Standards, and Results & Success. As responsible mediators between account holders and creditors, our experienced team uses these building blocks to provide the best possible debt collection services for our creditor clients.

#1 Professional Debt Collection Services

Metacorp’s comprehensive range of service offerings includes professional asset recovery solutions that extend across different types of debts in multiple sectors. By providing a wide mix of services, we are able to optimize our strategies for each portfolio placed for collections. Assisting clients with contingency debt collection strategies including consumer account resolution, commercial collection services, and pre-legal specific campaigns, the team manages any client need. Additionally, we assist with pre-collection customer service, bankruptcy and dismissal services, and comprehensive skip tracing to handle all aspects of the credit lifecycle.

#2 Strong Client Support Team 

Our professional and courteous support team is dedicated to delivering optimal recovery results. We accomplish this by seamlessly integrating into creditors’ systems and processes, making us an extension of their business. Our team brings decades of reliable expertise to the overall client experience. This efficient and respectful approach is rewarding for all parties and assists in achieving high-quality results. 

#3 Effective Skip Tracing 

Clients can trust Metacorp to trace delinquent customers and help recover past-due funds using a mix of data science and ingenuity to find and verify location and employment information. Skilled in skip-tracing, our professional third-party collection agency devotes time, knowledge, and specialized verification access to enable businesses to locate debtors and reclaim revenue. We provide clients with high-level security and the infrastructure necessary to meet compliance guidelines.

#4 High Compliance Standards

Metacorp is dedicated to remaining current and compliant with all rules and regulations that govern the collection of debt, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. As a proud member of Receivables Management Association International and ACA International, we are an active participant within the industry and apply the valuable information, innovation, and best practices from these associations into our brand philosophy. We are further distinguished in our commitment to consumers and upholding the highest industry standards through our RMAI Certified Receivables Business designation.

#5 Results and Success

Our wide variety of services, years of experience, and commitment to compliance means we’re uniquely qualified to handle nearly any receivable management or debt collection opportunity an organization may encounter. Our compassion for consumers and our ability to drive the resolution process ultimately results in the creation of predictable cash flow from an unpredictable asset.

Metacorp combines these five strategies into each successful recovery program for every client. Our unmatched expertise offers clients confidence in the services we provide. Learn more about our company and our services by visiting our website.

About Metacorp, LLC

Metacorp is a third-party collection agency providing efficient, respectful, and compliant debt collection services. We have over 25 years of combined experience in debt collection services for clients such as banks, auto lenders, credit card companies, healthcare providers, utilities, and telecom companies. Our team provides reliable and professional asset recovery solutions for accounts at all stages of the credit cycle. We are located in Lockport, NY.