Metacorp, LLC is a professional debt collection agency with a wide range of expertise. We partner with many types of clients to serve as mediators for the resolution of accounts receivable. We employ an array of techniques and tools to make the process as positive and efficient as possible, aiming for solutions that are amenable to both consumers and creditors. Here are 5 reasons why your business should choose Metacorp as a service partner for recovering value from your outstanding accounts. 

1.Specialized Skills and Knowledge

We’ve established deep skills, knowledge, and experience in a range of collection and client types. We provide reliable results at competitive rates in portfolio acquisition, contingency collection, and pre-collection services. Our strategies are tailored for each unique client and portfolio to  target for top performance

We have the ability and openness to quickly learn and adapt to specialized and niche collection categories. We’re flexible to change and innovation, making us ideal partners for mining value in diverse strategies and portfolio types. We apply our passion for locating efficiencies to every new endeavor to extract optimal results

2.Industry Certifications and Memberships

Metacorp has achieved designation as an RMAI Certified Receivables Business, which demonstrates our compliance with a rigorous set of industry standards and best practices and our commitment to ethical operations. Our policies and procedures have been carefully developed and implemented and are subject to routine audit and reviews. This manifests in positive consumer experiences, client brand and reputation protection, and compliant operations. 

We maintain active membership in industry trade organizations including ACA International and Receivables Management Association International (RMAI). We’re invested in advocacy for our industry and determined to represent our industry positively. We utilize the member educational opportunities to continue our highly trained team on the path of continual growth and improvement. Our ongoing professional development helps us maintain a competitive edge, ensure up-to-date compliance, and continually optimize technology and automation to complement our skilled team.

3.Veteran Values

We’re proud of the fact that our ownership and executive team is composed mostly of U.S. military veterans, and the lessons we’ve learned in the military are infused into our business practices. We value efficiency and “working smarter” whenever possible, always stretching to improve and streamline processes. Our increased efficiency, in turn, produces increased profitability and return on our clients’ investments. We embrace innovation and new territory, which has led us to a diverse set of skills and process specializations for approaching varied types of account portfolios.

We value loyalty, integrity, discipline, and lifelong learning, and those values permeate our company culture, serving clients well in a highly regulated industry. We have a unique team atmosphere of motivated individuals united in goals and missions, working together with respect and camaraderie. Our clients reap the benefits of our goal-driven culture, as better teamwork pays off in better results. 

4.Culture of Personal Connection

At Metacorp, we’re invested in our people and community. In addition to creating quality career opportunities, we prioritize charitable giving to several nonprofit outreach programs. Metacorp’s current charitable focus is on Stop Abuse, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating children and adults to prevent, detect and stop childhood sexual abuse. We’re also involved in various nonprofit programs for wounded and fallen veterans and their families. 

We’re active members of our local community through various activities with our families, and we encourage the same work-life balance for our team. Much of our business drive is fueled by a dedication to our families and the desire to support and improve their lives and opportunities. We believe in extending this mindset to our extended work families, so we support our team in establishing and reaching personal and professional goals. As we grow together, we succeed together. 

5.Superb Consumer Care

Our culture of personal connection and personal growth naturally extends itself in the form of empathetic, goal-oriented consumer interactions. We genuinely desire to support consumers’ financial growth, so we provide links to consumer resources from our website and offer flexible payment options. Our knowledgeable team of professionals provides a friendly and transparent approach, as we create understanding to encourage account resolution

By providing our representatives training and ongoing professional development options, growth-oriented supportive leadership, and a compassionate culture, we’ve developed a superb team of consumer care representatives. We strive to make the process for consumer account resolution convenient, transparent, and easy to navigate. Our website provides answers to commonly asked consumer questions with a FAQ feature, and consumer guidance with our embedded YouTube videos including how to make a payment and Who is Metacorp LLC

In sum, Metacorp offers a strong suite of products and services to help clients recover their outstanding balances. We have the passion, focus, and know-how to efficiently and compliantly create and implement solutions that produce exceptional results. We invite you to get started today by contacting us to discuss your needs. Metacorp has solutions and when we don’t, we build them! That’s the power of Metacorp. 

About Metacorp, LLC

Metacorp, LLC is a third-party collection agency providing efficient, respectful, and compliant debt collection services. We have over 25 years of combined experience in debt collection services for clients such as banks, auto lenders, credit card companies, healthcare providers, utilities, and telecom companies. Our team provides reliable and professional asset recovery solutions for accounts at all stages of the credit cycle. We are located in Lockport, NY.